Commonly Confused Words; Things We Tell Ourselves; Things We are Thankful For

17 Nov


Go Over Commonly Confused Words

Than- comparisons
Then- everything else

To0- also or a large amount
Two- the number 2
To- everything else

There- Location (notice the word “here,” which is also a location, in the spelling)
They’re- They are
Their- ownership (notice the word “heir” in the spelling)

Except- used to exclude something.
Accept- to receive or willingly take

Weather- rain, snow, etc.
Whether- expresses a choice “whether or not”

Peace- calm, quiet, tranquility
Piece- a portion of something (notice the word “pie” in the spelling)

Were- past tense of verb “to be” ex: We were happy yesterday.
We’re- We are
Where- Location (notice the word “here” in the spelling)

Affect- verb – to make a difference
Effect- noun- a change. Cause and effect

Your- Ownership
You’re- You Are

The Things We Tell Ourselves

Read this article, and answer the following questions in your notebook.

  1. What is the author’s message? Refer to specific words from the article to support your answer.
  2. What do the ideas presented in the article say about our memories?
  3. Based on the article, how reliable do you think a witness testimony may be in a court case?
  4. Are there certain stories you are telling yourself that may or may not be true?

Make a List of Things You are Thankful For

In your notebook, try to list as many things as you can think of that you are thankful for. I will ask you to share!

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