Last Day for Book Movie Trailer; Notebook Check

7 Nov


Today we will meet in A206 to for any last minute touches to our book movie trailer.

I will also check your notebook pages.

How to post your trailer to Kidblog

  1. In Movie Maker click “Save Movie” on the top right-hand side of the screen. (This will create a movie file that can be viewed anywhere). Select Computer. Name your file.
  2. Create a new post in Kidblog.
  3. Select the category “Book Movie Trailer”
  4. Title your post with the Title and Author of your book.
  5. Click the “Upload” Button.
  6. Select your saved movie file. Do not use the Movie Maker project file! (File should not be the .wimp file. Probably a .mp4 or .mov).
  7. Click Publish. Public.
  8. Make sure you can view your movie in Kidblog.


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