Work on Movie Trailers

2 Nov

Today we will continue working on movie trailers, in the library.

Let’s Add Sound!

Watch these videos to see how much impact sound can have on your trailer:

You will need to find sound for your trailer. Your sound should reflect the mood and tone of your book.

Here’s how to get some free music:

  • Click on this link for the Virtual Reference Collection.
  • You must enter the User Name: sachemeast   and the password (I will put this up in class).
  • Search the site and download any sound/music you want to use in your trailer. Think about the mood and feeling you want your video to have.
  • You can, if you know how, get music from other sources.

Important Reminders!

Friday is the last day to get in missing work. It is also the last day to revise anything.

Monday is our Notebook Check!


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