Independent Reading Assignment: Book Movie Trailer

31 Oct


Today we will meet in the library to work on our 2nd Reading Assignment.

Reading Assignment 2: The Book Movie Trailer Project

Imagine your book was being made into a movie. Your assignment will be to create a short video trailer ( 1-2 minutes) for your book. For this assignment you will:

  • Use pictures and video that fit the themes of your book.
  • Use music and sound that reflect the tone and mood of your book.
  • Write and record a narration that details important conflicts and situations in the book, without giving too much away.
  • Include an important line or passage from the book. (If you are clever, you might even be able to use lines from the book for the entire narration!)

Some tips to consider:

  • Watch and pay attention to a few movie trailers. In your notebook, write down any techniques that you think are interesting and could be used in your trailer.
  • Effective Lead: most movie trailers begin with something exciting to get the audience’s attention. Where in your book is an exciting place to begin? Consider your favorite part of the book.
  • Your visuals should work together with your narration.
  • Leave the audience wanting more. Create suspense. End your trailer with unanswered questions and unresolved conflicts.

Here are a couple of good examples

Here are some good places to find pictures and videos for your project. Thanks to the Sachem East Librarians for putting this collection together!

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