Go To A206; Join Kidblog; Answer College Questions

13 Oct


Today we will meet in room A206.

The Only Constant in Life is Change! Join Kidblog!

I’ve been doing some soul searching. It really means a lot to me that our class is useful, interesting, and helpful not just in school, but most importantly, in life. As a result, I felt some things need to change.

We are making a small (read: major) adjustment to our class. Google Classroom is going the way of the dinosaur (We aren’t going to use it anymore).  I’ve found it to be a bit cumbersome and ineffective for our needs. Although I do enjoy the ability to post work digitally, the time it takes to sort through your work is unsustainable for me. And that’s a problem because I’d like to be the best Mr. Funk I can be for you.

So, we will be working with a new website. It’s called Kidblog.org. I’d really like to give you all skills you can use beyond this class and in life. Interacting with the world wide web and blogging is one skill I find particularly valuable.  Joining the site and posting your work is pretty easy.

Click on the class link and enter the corresponding code below:

Period 3 Code:  dztsk98

Period 4 Code: a9jx9pk

Period 7 Code: kavru7g

Period 8 Code: txzvbxa

Once in, create your profile (real name please!), and you are good to go.

I know this might be a little unsettling to those who fear change. I appreciate your cooperation. As a thank you for being understanding, I will allow anyone who is missing work to submit it to Kidblog. As a thank you to everyone else, I will be allowing you much more freedom in your writing pieces. More on that to come, but I think everyone will enjoy writing about the things they care about much more than whatever I tell you to write about.

Please do not submit anything else to Google Classroom. All old work and revisions should be submitted to Kidblog.

Read College Essay Article and Answer Questions on Your Blog

The Art of Manliness (which is a pretty cool blog) published an article called “How to Write the Perfect College Essay.” Please read this article and answer the 5 self-inquiry questions. Do this by creating a new post in Kidblog.

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