Using Better Verbs; Winning College Essay; Imagine

11 Oct


Skill: Using Better Verbs

Avoid weak words that require additional explanation.  For example: “Walk” does not tell us much, you would need another sentence or modifier words to clarify.  Instead of “I walked clumsily” say “I stumbled.”  Think of all the more descriptive words we have for “Walk” (strut, skip, scurry, stomp, hustle…) These are better choices because they do not require additional explanation.

You probably have a weak verb if you are using adverbs (words that describe how something was done).  

Example: “I spoke loudly.” You need the word “loudly” because “spoke” is a weak word. Use “shouted,” “screamed,” “announced” instead.

How to Write a Winning College Essay

We will read the piece “how to write a winning college essay.

“Imagine” by John Lennon

Listen to and analyze the lyrics to John Lennon’s “Imagine”

Quick Write: What is the song about? What is the message? Do you agree with it?

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