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“What’s In a Name” Writing Piece Due; Organizing Ideas into Paragraphs; Library For Independent Reading Books

16 Sep


Today our first writing piece is due. Make sure you submit it to Google Classroom. Double check to see that it is marked as “Done” with the green check mark.

Organizing Ideas Into Paragraphs

Our first skill is Organizing Ideas into Paragraphs We will go over the organizing ideas into paragraphs assignment on Google Classroom. Double check your writing piece for paragraph organization!

Field Trip to the Library!

At the end of class, we will go to the library to get an independent reading book. Our first independent reading assignment is due on Friday, September 30th. You are expected to have read about 100 pages by then. Pace yourself! As you are reading, take brief notes in your notebook. You can write about what happened, how you are enjoying the book, anything interesting you learned, etc.  I will be asking you to show me those notes.

Enjoy the Weekend!!

Work on “What’s in a Name” Writing Piece

15 Sep


Today we will meet in room A206 to work on our whats-in-a-name-writing-piece .

Be sure to come prepared! Research your name, talk to your family about your name and its history.

The writing piece should be submitted via Google Classroom.

See you then!

Grading; Skill: Organizing Ideas into Paragraphs; First Writing Piece

14 Sep

Today we will go over the grading policy for the first quarter. Here is 1st-quarter-2016-rubric.
Then we will get our first skill, organizing ideas into paragraphs. You will complete an activity on Google Classroom.
When we are finished, you will have time to work on our “What’s In a Name Piece.”

Skill: Organizing Ideas Into Paragraphs

Organizing Ideas in Paragraphs– helps the reader comprehend your writing, a courtesy, like holding the door open for someone.

1 idea per paragraph

Paragraphs cause readers to pause and absorb what they just read.  Paragraphs can be used to control readers pace or to get the reader to focus on a single sentence or word.

Usually, there is a TOPIC SENTENCE, which tells you what the paragraph is about, and a CONCLUDING SENTENCE that wraps up the ideas of the paragraph.

When writing dialogue, a new paragraph should be created each time the speaker changes.

Read more from Purdue OWL.

Class notes on organizing-ideas-in-paragraphs

What’s in a Name Writing Piece Due Friday

Here is an explanation for the “What’s In A Name” writing piece. It should be turned in on Google Classroom, and is due Friday before class.

On Thursday, we will meet in the computer lab, room A206.

Finish Vocabulary; Your Name Writing Piece

13 Sep


Finish Vocabulary

Today we will finish going over vocabulary unit 1. Be sure to have all of the definitions and a sentence for each word, in your notebook. Here are the words:

12th Grade Vocabulary:  delineate, nefarious, vernacular, brawn, tout, disparity, hindrance, efface, glutton, hiatus

9th Grade Vocabulary: ostentatious, contentious, reprove, pessimism, cursory, profligate, miser, jocular, fracas, caricature

All About Your Name

Our first writing piece will the “What’s In a Name” Piece. Today you will have some time to explore the topic in your notebook.

For your entire life, you have been referred to by your name. It defines you and is an integral part of your identity.

For this assignment you will explore your feelings about your name and how it relates to who you are. Be sure to consider all parts of your name, first, middle, and last.

Here are some questions to explore:

Do you like your name? What is the story behind your name? Were you named after someone? What is the meaning of your name? What is your name’s historical and ethnic original? How did your parents decide to name you? Were they considering any other names? Does your name have any symbolic meaning? Is there any significance to your initials? Would you have named yourself something else?

Do some research about your name. Google it. Ask your parents and family members.

Discuss Class Policies, Notebook, and Last Week’s Vocabulary

12 Sep

Class Rules and Policies

In our Google Classroom, answer the question about Class Rules. What do you think should be some classroom rules or policies?


Today we will discuss The Writer’s Notebook. You receive a notebook grade based on how many pages you write. You receive credit for any writing you do, except work for other classes.

Vocabulary Unit 1

We will review the vocabulary words from our assignment on Friday.

12th Grade Vocabulary:  delineate, nefarious, vernacular, brawn, tout, disparity, hindrance, efface, glutton, hiatus

9th Grade Vocabulary: ostentatious, contentious, reprove, pessimism, cursory, profligate, miser, jocular, fracas, caricature

Set Up Google Classroom; Go to the Library!

9 Sep


Go directly to the Library!

Today we will be setting up our Google Classroom and completing two short assignments.

Here are links to our classrooms. Use the class code to join the class.
**You must be logged into your Sachem Google account in order for this to work (how to log into your Sachem Google account)**

Period 3 – Class code: 8apdb29

Period 4 – Class code: cjvz6t3

Period 7 – Class code: 29z6btq

Period 8 – Class code: yv7zpsi

Get the Google Classroom app for your phone (you’ll need it!)




Baseline Exam

8 Sep

classroom-rules-cartoon-14Today we will be taking the baseline exam. You will have the entire period to work on it. Good luck!

Letter to Future Self

7 Sep


Today we started with the following Quick Writes:

-What are 2 of your best qualities as a person?
-Pick 1 quality and give an example from your life.
-What is one thing about yourself you would like to improve?

Next, we worked on our second assignment, in class, the Letter to future self.

Welcome to the 2016-2017 School Year!

6 Sep

Welcome to Mr. Funk’s English Class.

This is the official Mr. Funk web page. Here you will find:

  • A daily post about everything we are doing in class.
  • Downloadable links for assignments and handouts.
  • Important due dates.
  • Helpful links for our class.

Today we will say hello to each other, I will hand out your Super-Pass, and ask you to answer these ten interview questions in your notebook:

  1. What is your most valued possession?
  2. To whom would you give most valued possession?
  3. What is a hobby or interest you have?
  4. What’s your greatest achievement?
  5. What’s your greatest failure?
  6. What would you do with a million dollars?
  7. Who has had the biggest impact (good or bad) on who you are?
  8. What would you change if you could go back in time?
  9. What keeps you up at night?
  10. What place or time would you like to live/visit?

We will then go around the room and each person will give his/her name and answer any one of the questions above.