Discuss Reading; New Skill

19 Sep


Your Reading Log

Today we will discuss how to keep track of your reading.

Set up a Reading Log: Set aside two pages in the back of your notebook (front and back should be fine). At the top write “Reading Log.” Each time your read, put the date, the book, the number of pages you read, and some thoughts/notes on the reading.

When you write down your notes and thoughts, it does not have to be very long. A couple of sentences will do. This is to help you keep track of what you have read. Write about main events of your reading and your feelings, thoughts, and reactions to the reading.

This will count as part of your first reading assignment (due Fri 9/30). You are expected to read at least 100 pages by then.

Having Trouble Finding a Book?

Here’s a list of books that have been recommended by students in the past: student-recommended-books

New Skill: Extended Metaphor

Extended Metaphor– a comparison that lasts more than one line of a piece of writing.

Quick Writes

Compare yourself to the following:

  • an animal
  • an object you’d find in the kitchen
  • a month
  • a natural weather occurrence
  • a food

Choose any of the things from above and write down as many characteristics about it as you can think of.

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