“What’s In a Name” Writing Piece Due; Organizing Ideas into Paragraphs; Library For Independent Reading Books

16 Sep


Today our first writing piece is due. Make sure you submit it to Google Classroom. Double check to see that it is marked as “Done” with the green check mark.

Organizing Ideas Into Paragraphs

Our first skill is Organizing Ideas into Paragraphs We will go over the organizing ideas into paragraphs assignment on Google Classroom. Double check your writing piece for paragraph organization!

Field Trip to the Library!

At the end of class, we will go to the library to get an independent reading book. Our first independent reading assignment is due on Friday, September 30th. You are expected to have read about 100 pages by then. Pace yourself! As you are reading, take brief notes in your notebook. You can write about what happened, how you are enjoying the book, anything interesting you learned, etc.  I will be asking you to show me those notes.

Enjoy the Weekend!!

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