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Reading Assignment #1; Any Missing Work Must Be Turned In Today.

30 Sep


Reading Assignment #1

Today we will work on our first reading assignment. Remember to be detail, specific and thorough! This assignment counts as 10% of your quarter grade.

Independent Reading assignment #1: independent-reading-assignment-1-2016

Missing Work Must Be Turned In Today

If you have not turned in an assignment, be sure to get it in today. Once our class period is over, any missing work will become a zero!

The Effective Lead; Reading Assignment Tomorrow

29 Sep


Skill: Effective Lead

An author’s attempt to grasp the reader’s attention in the beginning of a work.

First impressions are huge.  Think about how fast you flip through TV channels.  How much time does each program get before you switch stations?  In a world of ever-shrinking attention spans, you need to grasp your readers’ attention as soon as possible.

Try being vague, create mystery by not immediately letting the reader know exactly what you are writing about…
Try using vague words like “it” before explaining what “it” is.
Start with dialogue.
Start somewhere besides the beginning.
Say something shocking.  Sensory Imagery blast.
Start in the middle of the action.

Check out this page of 100 best first lines of novels.

And this one: 1stLinesof Movies

Work on this handout: Effective Lead Practice

Computer Lab A206; Research Author; Finish Any Missing Work

28 Sep


Today we will meet in A206, go directly there.

Research Your Author

Do a search for the author of your book. Try to find out a little about his/her life. Record your findings in your notebook. Things to consider: Birth date and place, life events, family, where he/she lives and grew up, other books, why he/she wrote the book you are reading.

Finish Any Missing Work

If you are missing any work, you will have a chance to turn it in. All missing work must be in by the end of the day Friday, otherwise it will become a zero. Next week teachers must complete progress reports. Please be aware that if you are missing work, it will be noted!


In-Class Reading

27 Sep


Today you will have time to read your independent reading book.

Remember, Friday 9/30 will be our first reading assignment. You are expected to have read 100 pages by then.

Remember to keep a reading log of your reading. List the date, the book, the pages read, and a very brief summary of what you read.

Characterization; You Are the Company You Keep

26 Sep


New Skill: Characterization

Characterization is how an author shows a character’s personality. This is done by the character’s actions and the things the character says, as well as the author’s description of those characters.


Descriptions of that character (He is a kind and caring person)

The character’s actions (Tommy stole money from his mother, who is in extreme debt)

The character’s words (“I’d never leave you alone, even if it meant I’d be in trouble”)

Description is an example of Direct Characterization.  The narrator is Telling the reader what the character is like.

The character’s Actions and Words are examples of Indirect Characterization.  The narrator is Showing the reader what the character is like.

You Are the Average of the Five People You Spend the Most Time With

Read the following article and answer the Class Exercise questions at the bottom.


Bring Your Independent Reading Books to School Tomorrow!

Tomorrow I will set aside an entire class period to allow you to read your independent reading books. Remember you will have a reading assignment on Friday, for which you are expected to have read approximately 100 pages.

Remember you will have a reading assignment on Friday, for which you are expected to have read approximately 100 pages.

Don’t forget to keep a basic reading log (each time you read, write down the date, the title of the book, how many pages you read, and a basic summary of what happened).

Writing Piece #2 Due; Read an Article; Make-Up Work

23 Sep

Writing Piece #2: The Extended Metaphor is Due

Today our extended metaphor piece is due.

Read Article and Answer Questions

Today you will read an article and answer some questions in Google Classroom. You may answer the questions directly in Google Classroom by creating a new Google Doc or you may answer in your notebook and upload a picture of your answers.

9th Graders: 10-things-i-wish-id-known-in-high-school-by-mackenzie-cooper

12th Graders: 17-things-i-want-myself-to-remember-senior-year

Message From Student Government


We have started our Freshman Class Government meetings!  It is not too late to join or to run for office! 

If you would like to run for President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer or Publicity Director, please see Ms. Sison in room A342 or Mrs. Babst in the Girls Physical education office by this Friday, September 23rd to sign up. 

Please attend our next meeting Tuesday, September 27th, 9th period in the Little Theater to vote for your class officer and to hear more about our club!!

** There are not many clubs running this year and we offer many opportunities to get involved within your community!** 

Some of our activities are as follows:

-Homecoming: Friday, September 27th

-Thanksgiving Food Drive

-Awake-a-thon (January) Raise money for Little Angels (premature babies born at Stony    Brook University Hospital)

-Spirit Week Hall Decorating Contest

-Spring Clothing Drive

-Baskets for Babies

-Upkeep and ideas related to our 9/11 Memorial

-Other community activities to be announced!

If students have any questions, please stop by our rooms or email us:

Work On Extended Metaphor in A206

22 Sep


Today we will meet in A206 to work on the Extended Metaphor piece.

The piece is due Friday before class. Turn it in on Google Classroom.

You may write a poem (at least 12 lines) or prose (normal, paragraph writing; at least 250 words).

If you are struggling with what to write about, review some of the pieces in the previous posts.

Work on Extended Metaphor Piece

21 Sep

Today I will continue with my one on one meetings about your first writing piece.

Extended Metaphor

You will have some time to work on writing your extended metaphor piece.

You may write in prose (paragraphs, regular writing) or in poetic form. Normal writing must be at least 250 words, poetry must be at least 12 lines.

Here are some example pieces from students:


From Mr. Orenzo’s class: student-examples-orenzo 

“I Am a Rock” by Simon and Garfunkel and Other Songs

During class we will listen to some songs that contain metaphors and extended metaphors. If you are stuck for ideas, pay attention to the lyrics!

“I Am a Rock” by Simon and Garfunkel is a great example of extended metaphor.


Extended Metaphor: George Gray and Untitled. Review First Writing Piece

20 Sep


Today you will work on an assignment on Google Classroom regarding the poem George Gray and an untitled story. Both are excellent examples of extended metaphors.

While you are working on that, I will call each student up, one by one, to discuss your first writing piece, “What’s in a Name.”

If you haven’t obtained a book for independent reading, do so immediately!

Discuss Reading; New Skill

19 Sep


Your Reading Log

Today we will discuss how to keep track of your reading.

Set up a Reading Log: Set aside two pages in the back of your notebook (front and back should be fine). At the top write “Reading Log.” Each time your read, put the date, the book, the number of pages you read, and some thoughts/notes on the reading.

When you write down your notes and thoughts, it does not have to be very long. A couple of sentences will do. This is to help you keep track of what you have read. Write about main events of your reading and your feelings, thoughts, and reactions to the reading.

This will count as part of your first reading assignment (due Fri 9/30). You are expected to read at least 100 pages by then.

Having Trouble Finding a Book?

Here’s a list of books that have been recommended by students in the past: student-recommended-books

New Skill: Extended Metaphor

Extended Metaphor– a comparison that lasts more than one line of a piece of writing.

Quick Writes

Compare yourself to the following:

  • an animal
  • an object you’d find in the kitchen
  • a month
  • a natural weather occurrence
  • a food

Choose any of the things from above and write down as many characteristics about it as you can think of.