In Class Final Essay- eSchool Completely Updated

2 Jun

Today and tomorrow we will be doing our in-class final essay. On Monday, 9th Graders will be doing the multiple choice portion of the final and Seniors will have a mandatory graduation orientation.

On Tuesday June 7th, all revisions, missing work and notebooks are due. 

eSchool Grades Are Up to Date! Double Check Them!

As of right now, eSchool is completely up to date. All grades for any assignment I have received are posted.

The only grades that remain for the 4th quarter are The Notebook (20% of your grade) and the Final Portfolio (20% of the 4th quarter for 9th Graders, and 15% of the year for Seniors). The Notebook is due Tuesday and the Final Portfolio is due Thursday.

Please check eSchool for any work you are missing or any grades you would like to improve. You are allowed to revise anything by Tuesday!

Also, if you are missing work, I will allow you to hand it in by Tuesday for half credit. Please take advantage of this! If you are unsure of any assignment, click below and you will see all of the posts that pertain to 4th quarter work.

9th Grade Work

12th Grade Work

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