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Letter to Ninth Graders Songs

13 Jun

Here are the songs you guys wrote to next year’s ninth graders. I hope you don’t scare them too much!

Final Portfolios Are Due Today!

9 Jun

Today our Final Portfolios are due!


Work on Final Portfolios, They Are Due Tomorrow!

8 Jun

The Final Portfolio is due Tomorrow! Here are all the handouts you may need to complete it.

freshmen final portfolio checklist ’16

seniors final portfolio checklist ’16

10 STEPS for Completing Final Portfolio ’16

Reflective Piece 9

Reflective Piece 12

Here is a really nice example of a final portfolio, for your reference: Portfolio


All Fourth Quarter Work is Due; Work on Portfolio

7 Jun

Today all classes will meet in the computer lab to work on our Final Portfolios.

I will check your notebooks and collect any revised or missing work.


9th Grade Multiple Choice Final; Senior Graduation Orientation

6 Jun


Today all 9th graders will take the multiple choice portion of the final.

Seniors, meet in class and we will head down to the mandatory Graduation Orientation meeting.

Don’t forget!

Notebooks are due tomorrow!

Any revisions are due tomorrow!

You have one final chance to make up any missing work by tomorrow!

Finish Final Essay; Work on Portfolio; Revise Any Work

3 Jun

Today we will be finishing the in-class final essay.

If you finish early, you can quietly work on something else.

9th Graders: The Multiple Choice portion of the final is Monday. Study any vocabulary we have done this year, as well as literary devices and skills (check the list of Writing Skills to the right).

Remember, all revisions and the notebook is due on Tuesday.

The Final Portfolio is due on Thursday.

If you are missing work, I will allow you to make it up by Tuesday. #ThirdChance

Make sure you check the eSchool Portal. All grades are up to date. It is not too late to improve those grades. Please take advantage of this. I want you all to get a 100 this quarter!

Have a great weekend!

In Class Final Essay- eSchool Completely Updated

2 Jun

Today and tomorrow we will be doing our in-class final essay. On Monday, 9th Graders will be doing the multiple choice portion of the final and Seniors will have a mandatory graduation orientation.

On Tuesday June 7th, all revisions, missing work and notebooks are due. 

eSchool Grades Are Up to Date! Double Check Them!

As of right now, eSchool is completely up to date. All grades for any assignment I have received are posted.

The only grades that remain for the 4th quarter are The Notebook (20% of your grade) and the Final Portfolio (20% of the 4th quarter for 9th Graders, and 15% of the year for Seniors). The Notebook is due Tuesday and the Final Portfolio is due Thursday.

Please check eSchool for any work you are missing or any grades you would like to improve. You are allowed to revise anything by Tuesday!

Also, if you are missing work, I will allow you to hand it in by Tuesday for half credit. Please take advantage of this! If you are unsure of any assignment, click below and you will see all of the posts that pertain to 4th quarter work.

9th Grade Work

12th Grade Work

Letter to Your Future Self!

1 Jun


Today you will receive your Letter to Your Future Self back. You wrote this letter for your June self way back in September. You can use this letter to come up with ideas for your Reflective Piece in your portfolio.

Also we will be doing some review for the final exam.

9th Grade: Task 3 Common core notes.