Letter to Younger Students

16 May


Letter to Ninth Graders

This week’s writing assignment will be to write a letter to next year’s incoming 9th graders. For the piece be sure to use specific examples and details. Tell them what you wish you knew when you were their age.

Some quick writes to think about:

-What are some important lessons you’ve learned?
-Think about sights, sounds, smells, feelings, and sounds you hear in the building.
-What are common things people (students and teachers) say?
-What are some Rules they should know?
-Give some advice or warnings.
-What are some lies people are told about high school?

Creating a Song for the 9th Graders

In class we will be creating a song for our new 9th graders. We will do this as a group and everyone will get to participate in some way. If you are a musician, bring in your instrument! Even a one note recording can be useful. Here are our class topics so far:

Period 1- Expect the Worst
Period 4- It’s Not That Hard
Period 5- Stay Classy Sachem East
Period 8- It’s Not That Easy

We will write and record the song in class. It’s an exercise in cooperation, lyric writing, team work, and fun. Feel free to include any ideas from the song in your letter to the 9th grader.

PS If you haven’t turned in your Life Philosophy Piece, you have until Tuesday with your extension. (Progress Reports are due this Wednesday!)

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