Research Your Author

5 May


Today we will be in the Library (Period 1 in D114), where you will be asked to research your author, in order to learn more about the person who wrote your book.

  1. When and where was your author born?
  2. What kind of people were his/her parents and family?
  3. Create a brief timeline of important events in the author’s life.
  4. What are some other books the author has written? Are they similar to the one you are reading?
  5. What connections do you see between the author’s life and the book?
  6. Why do you think the author chose to write the book?
  7. Do you have any personal experiences that connect with the author’s life?
  8. Find an interesting quote from your author.

Reading Reaction Friday

On Friday you will write your first reading reaction. Part of your grade will include The Reading Plans you worked on in class today and yesterday, as well as your information about your author. All of this can be in your notebook.

*If you don’t have a book yet, I’l be looking for Tuesday’s vocabulary and Wednesday’s short story reading plan. Anyone that does not have a book will not be eligible for credit for Friday’s Reading Reaction!

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