Independent Reading

3 May

Today you will have time to do some reading of your book in class. As you read, work on this Reading Plan, in which you answer and keep track of some basic ideas of the book. :

The Reading Plan:

Who- Characters
What- Plot, Conflict, Subject Matter
When, Where- Setting
Why- Theme, Author’s Purpose
How- Literary Devices, Skills, Narrator, Organization, Style

If you do not have a book with you:

You will be doing vocabulary. Define the following words, write sentences for each, and turn them in at the end of class.

9th Grade: Subtle, Enigma, Inevitable, Infer, Diverse, Articulate, Apprehensive, Benevolt, Virulent, Pious

12th Grade: Reiterate, Conflagration, Induce, Soporific, Anarchy, Strident, Nonchalant, Malleable, Ludicrous, Abridge

Make sure you have a book tomorrow. Tomorrow, if you don’t have one, I will assign one to you.

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