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Discussing the Final Portfolio

31 May

Today we will discuss the Final Portfolio. Here are some important handouts.

Senior Rubric:  seniors final portfolio checklist ’16

Freshmen Rubric:  freshmen final portfolio checklist ’16

Checklist for all: 10 STEPS for Completing Final Portfolio ’16

One requirement for the Final Portfolio is the Reflective Piece

Senior Reflective Piece: Reflective Piece 12

Freshmen Reflective Piece: Reflective Piece 9

Happy Memorial Day

27 May

I hope everyone has a great long weekend and finds a chance to relax and come back refreshed for our final days of school.

At some point during the weekend, reflect on the brave men and women who gave up everything they had so that we may have the freedom to enjoy this beautiful Spring weekend. Take a moment from your busy and hectic lives to pay respect to the people who displayed the ultimate act of bravery and courage, and the families and friends that they left behind.

Happy Memorial Day.

Last Chance to Get in Missing Work!

26 May


The special Mr. Funk Memorial Day Offer concludes at the end of school today, Thursday May 26th!

That’s right folks, if you did not turn in any assignment during the fourth quarter, Mr. Funk will be waving the No-Late-Work Policy for one final day!

Pick yourself up off the floor of certain failure, dust yourself off, and turn in that missing work!

Offer ends today!

***Special Bonus! Class will be held in the Library so you can print out anything you are missing! (Period 1 go to D114).

Reading Assignment #2

25 May

Today in class we will do reading assignment 2. Here is the task:

  1. Identify a Central Idea or Theme from your book. Explain.
  2. Give a specific event or example from your book that illustrates the Central Idea or Theme. Be specific. Talk of actual things that happened in the book.
  3. Identify an example of a literary device or skill the author uses. Give a specific example.
  4. Explain how this literary device or skill helps to develop the Central Idea or Theme of your book. Be specific.


Remember Turn in Missing Work Tomorrow!

Don’t forget! I’m giving everyone a special offer! Turn in any missing work and I will give you half credit. Work must be in Thursday, before Memorial Day Break.

Independent Reading, Revise Work, Makeup Work

24 May

Today we will have time (Again!) in class to do some reading, revise any work you want a better grade on, or make up any work you missed for half credit.

If you are unsure about any of the assignments, look to the right of this post. I have a link that will take you to any posts about our 4th quarter work.

Tomorrow we will do a Reading Assignment

Referring to your Independent Reading, I will be asking you to do the following, in class tomorrow:

  • Identify a theme or central idea in your book
  • Give a specific event or situation in your book that deals with this theme, explain.
  • Identify a Literary Device or Skill the author uses at some point in the book.


Letter to 9th Grader is Due

23 May


Turn in Letters to Ninth Graders

Today our Letters to a Ninth Grader is due. Label your skills and fill out the rubric.

Work on Independent Reading and Any Missing Work

Today I am giving everyone a chance to work on their independent reading or any work they are missing or would like to revise. As a special second chance, I will allow anyone to turn in work they did not complete by Thursday for half credit. This is a great chance to pick your grade up!

Important Dates!

We are nearing the end, here are some important dates:

Wednesday 5/25: Reading Assignment 2: I will ask you to write about an important theme or central idea in your book, and identify any literary device that helps develop that theme or central idea.

Thursday and Friday 6/2-3: In Class Final Essay. We will be reviewing/preparing on Wednesday 6/1.

Monday 6/6: 9th Grade Multiple Choice Final.

Tuesday 6/7: Notebook Check and All Revisions Due.

Wednesday 6/8: Final Portfolios Due.

Working on our Song and Letters

17 May

Today we continued working on our song to the 9th graders of next year. I must say I am impressed! All of my classes have built solid song structures and written great lyrics. Tomorrow we record them! So warm up your vocal chords!

Don’t forget! You are also writing an actual letter to a ninth grader. Think about the experiences you have had. Tell them a story that resulting in an important lesson. Think about what you wish someone would have told you before entering high school. This piece is due Friday!

Letter to Younger Students

16 May


Letter to Ninth Graders

This week’s writing assignment will be to write a letter to next year’s incoming 9th graders. For the piece be sure to use specific examples and details. Tell them what you wish you knew when you were their age.

Some quick writes to think about:

-What are some important lessons you’ve learned?
-Think about sights, sounds, smells, feelings, and sounds you hear in the building.
-What are common things people (students and teachers) say?
-What are some Rules they should know?
-Give some advice or warnings.
-What are some lies people are told about high school?

Creating a Song for the 9th Graders

In class we will be creating a song for our new 9th graders. We will do this as a group and everyone will get to participate in some way. If you are a musician, bring in your instrument! Even a one note recording can be useful. Here are our class topics so far:

Period 1- Expect the Worst
Period 4- It’s Not That Hard
Period 5- Stay Classy Sachem East
Period 8- It’s Not That Easy

We will write and record the song in class. It’s an exercise in cooperation, lyric writing, team work, and fun. Feel free to include any ideas from the song in your letter to the 9th grader.

PS If you haven’t turned in your Life Philosophy Piece, you have until Tuesday with your extension. (Progress Reports are due this Wednesday!)

Work on Life Philosophy Piece

12 May


Today we will be in the Library (period one D114) to work on our Life Philosophy Piece.

Some things that may help you develop your piece:

-Think about important events in your life. How have they shaped who you are?

-Think of important people in your life. How have they shaped who you are? What are qualities they possess that you admire? Think about their words, actions, and the way they treat others.

-Are there any movies, songs, or pieces of art that inspire you?

Eulogy for Ghandi

11 May


All Classes: Read Eulogy for Mahatma Gandhi and answer these questions Ghandi Eulogy Questions

9th Grade: Quick Write- What are some of your best qualites? What are some of your worst qualities? How might someone else describe you?

12th Grade: Hand in, on a separate sheet of paper along with your Ghandi Eulogy Questions from above, a definition and sentence for the words below. Make sure your sentences contain enough information to indicate the definition.
Example: Intelligence:(noun)- the ability to acquire and apply new knowledge.
Bad sentence for intelligent: His intelligence was below average.
Good sentence for intelligent: It was easy for Bob to pass the test thanks to his superiour intelligence.