The Anthem Piece

19 Apr


The Anthem Piece

An Anthem is a piece of writing or song that highlights and celebrates the qualities and characteristics of a particular group. Think of the national anthem for the United States. It touches on our values (freedom, bravery, liberty) as Americans, and how Americans are willing to fight for those values (bombs bursting in air… our flag was still there).

Today we will be discussing the Anthem Piece. For this piece you will write about what it means to be you. Focus on some aspect of your life. Are you an athlete, brother, sister, son, daughter, an employee somewhere, video gamer, a die-hard fan of someone or something? At the very least, all of you are teenagers on Long Island, New York, and the United States. How do you identify yourself.

Here is a Great Example Piece by someone who identifies himself as a Stop and Shop employee.

9th Grade: I will check and go over your questions on The Cask of Amontillado.  We also have a new skill: Dramatic Irony

12th Grade: Write about your weekend (senior trip).  Then rewrite some sentences in your entry with the new skill: Starting Sentences with -ing Words.


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