Preparing for the Quarterly Exam

5 Apr

The Third Quarterly Exam will be given on Thursday April 7th.

9th Grade:

Your exam is very similar to part 3 of the English Regents that you will take in 11th grade. We will be doing a practice exam in our notebooks. You will receive notes on what is expected of you, as well as a template for the essay, which you can use anytime you answer this questions.

Here are the notes: Task 3 Common core.

Here is the practice exam Practice exam.

12th Grade:

We will go over the poem  Still I Rise by Maya Angelou and the questions you completed in your notebook.

Then in a paragraph in your notebook, you will be asked to find a connecting theme between the two poems, Mother to Son and Still I Rise . You should refer to specific lines in each poem to show how the poems share the theme.

In another paragraph in your notebook, you will be asked to write about how that theme applies to you in your life. Also, be sure to refer to specific lines from each poem to support your answer.

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