Picture/ Song Piece

30 Mar

Today we begin working on our picture/song piece. Here are the instructions, you have a lot of freedom!

Picture/ Song Piece

Choose either a picture (from your life, magazine, internet, artwork, etc…) or a song that is meaningful to you in some way and create a piece of writing based on that picture or song. You may choose to write in any genre, below is a list to choose from. Be sure to include any skills we have covered this year. After writing your rough draft in your notebook, a type final copy must be submitted. Include a copy of the picture/ lyrics to the song and try to be creative in your presentation.

Short Story
Social Commentary

Effective lead
Showing not telling
Sensory imagery
Creative fragment
Labyrinthine sentence
Effective title

Examples of Picture/Song Pieces

Allie Song Piece

Picture Song Piece Examples

Skill: Labyrinthine Sentence

A labyrinthine is a complicated irregular network of passages or paths that is difficult to find a way out of; a dungeon maze.

A labyrinthine sentence is a long ,complicated, purposefully run on sentence. It is used to show time passing quickly or action happening rapidly. When we read, we pause at the end of a sentence. A labyrinthine sentence prevents us from pausing.  It has nearly the opposite effect of a creative sentence fragment.

Here are some examples of labyrinthine sentences: Skill labyrinthine sentences

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