Last Day to Work on Research Papers

23 Mar


Today is the last day to work on research papers.

Since March 7th, we have spent every day in class talking about and working on our paper. We’ve been in the computer lab 8-9 of those days.

The final paper is due on Tuesday March 29th!

Make sure you have your completed paper on Tuesday in class. If you plan to use your extension, you must have your Super Pass and it must be in by Thursday. Any paper handed in late without an extension is worth 50%. No papers will be accepted after Friday April 1st. 

Please remember that plagiarism is a serious offense! Any plagiarized paper will receive a zero for the final paper, as well as a zero for all components of the research paper. Remember, the research paper and all of its components amount to 40 points on your 3rd quarter average (Seniors, it is also you mid term grade).

Please see me today with any questions or issues. The rough draft is due today!

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