Skills: Presenting Opinion As Fact and Writing with a Formal Tone

14 Mar


Today we will look at two skills that will help you write your research paper.

Presenting Your Opinion As Fact:

When writing persuasive papers, it is important that you do not use phrases like “I believe that,” “In my opinion,” I think that.”  Also avoid “It seems like” “probably,” “Might be.” These statements remind the reader that your statements are just your opinion.  They sound uncertain and tentative, as if you don’t really know what you are talking about or are unsure of your opinion

Here are some notes: Present opinion as fact

Writing in a Formal Tone:

Just like you would dress in formal clothing for important events, often your writing should reflect a more formal tone.

Here are some notes: writing in a formal tone

Here are some helpful websites:
Formal Voice Writing
Formal and Informal Writing
Formal vs. Informal Writing

**Reminder: Work Cited Page Due Wednesday**

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