Working On Our Research Papers

8 Mar


This week we begin working on our Research Papers. Due to the limited availability of computer rooms, our classes will meet in different places at different times:

Period 1 will be in D114 Tuesday and Thursday
Period 4 will be in A206 Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday
Period 5 will be in A206 Tuesday and Thursday
Period 8 will be in A206 Thursday and Friday

Print Out Articles and Write Your Thesis Statement by Friday

On Friday I will check that you have at least 3 articles printed and have written your thesis statement.

Deciding on Your Topic

One of the first things you need to do is figure out what you want to research. This website can help you decide on a topic: ProCon 2016 Election Look through the various topics to get ideas.

Writing Your Thesis Statement

The Thesis Statement is the main point you are trying to prove in your paper. It should be one clear and concise sentence. The thesis is the last sentence in your introduction paragraph. Here is a handout on writing Thesis Statements Research Paper- The Thesis

Doing Your Research and Finding Quality Articles

Here is a PowerPoint on determining if a website is reputable or not. Research Paper, Evaluating Web Resources

Make sure your get 3-5 articles about your topic.  Email yourself a copy of each and print them out.

Here are some very useful sites, link from the Virtual Reference Collection of our very own Sachem Library.

ProCon 2016 Election – is a great place to start
Opposing ViewPoints *
SIRS Discover *
ProQuest *
National Newspaper Database *

  • You will need a username and a password to login; I will write those on the board in class.  Copy it into your notebook, in case you need to login from home. These sites are all trustworthy.
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