Work on Sonnets

3 Mar

Today we are in the computer lab to work on sonnets. Your sonnet is due, typed, tomorrow in class.

Here are some helpful links:

Shakespeare’s Sonnets

Sonnets by amateur writers

More sonnets by high school students (some are not actually sonnets, be careful!)

Rhyming Dictionary– type in a word and get words that rhyme with it.


Remember, your sonnet can be about anything! Here’s one about Call of Duty 4:

Call of Duty 4 Sonnet by Arie M.

Enemy bombs are thrown into the air,
Then you run for immediate cover.
It could just miss you by about a hair,
But all of the fear just seems to hover.
Then you attack like a lion on prey,
Fighting the whole way towards extraction.
You see casualties and make them pay,
Causing a commotion and distraction.
The bomb was very deafening to hear,
You are not levelheaded anymore.
Scrambling you feel the blood in your ear,
Unleash all your anger and make them sore.
Finally you can throw that one last bomb,
And watch as they break like a CD rom.


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