Reading Assignment 4; I Have a Dream

19 Jan

This is the last week of the second quarter! Today you will have a chance to see what your grades for the second quarter are at this point. Please take the opportunity to revise any grades you are unsatisfied with.

Reading Assignment #4

Today we will discuss the 4th and final reading assignment for the second quarter. For this assignment you will be identifying social commentary in the art, music, tv shows, etc that you enjoy. Here is the handout and guidelines for the assignment: social commentary in our world essay

Some Important Dates:

  • Wednesday 1/20: Notebook Check (worth 20pts. You get 2pts. for every 3 pages)
  • Friday 1/22: Reading Assignment 4 Due (any extension must be in by Monday)
  • Friday 1/22: Absolute Last chance to hand in any revisions

“I Have A Dream” speech

Finally we will read and analyze Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech.  It contains plenty of skills and techniques that have helped the speech resonate for half a century. Here’s a transcript: i have a dream mlk

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