1984 Vocabulary; Of Mice And Men

21 Dec

12th Grade: You will be assigned a set of 10 vocabulary words from 1984. Then create a PowerPoint Presentation of 10 slides. Each slide will contain one word with the definition,  a picture from the internet that helps illustrate the word’s meaning, and a sentence using the word and that ties in with the word and the picture (do not use the sample sentence).

1984 Vocab page 1
1984 Vocab page 2

Example Slide:

Intelligence (n) the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills


Thanks to her intelligence, Ronnie earned an A+ on her report card.


9th Grade: We will continue reading Of Mice and Men.


Reminder, if you have not turned in your tribute piece, you must use an extension and have it in by tomorrow, Tuesday 12/22.

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