Tribute Pieces; Dear Basketball

14 Dec


Today we will begin discussing our third writing piece, the Tribute piece. For this piece you will pay tribute, show respect, appreciation, etc. to someone or something important to you in your life. You may choose to write in normal prose or poetry forms.

Here is a few examples :Dear Basketball Kobe Bryant , Dear Basketball MICHAEL JORDAN  we will read these and compare and contrast them.


Skill- Allusion:

a reference to something that is commonly known (person, place, historical event, art, music, literature,etc) to convey larger meaning.


“Don’t act like a Romeo in front of her.”
– “Romeo” is a reference to Shakespeare’s Romeo, a passionate lover of Juliet, in “Romeo and Juliet”.
The rise in poverty will unlock the Pandora’s box of crimes.
– This is an allusion to one of Greek Mythology’s origin myth, “Pandora’s box”.
“This place is like a Garden of Eden.”
–This is a biblical allusion to the “garden of God” in the Book of Genesis.
“Hey! Guess who the new Newton of our school is?”
– “Newton”, means a genius student, alludes to a famous scientist Isaac Newton.  (from

Skill- Epistolary:

-a piece of writing written as a letter. Both Michael Jordan’s and Kobe Bryant’s pieces are in epistolary form.

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