Reading Assignment 2; Continue Reading Books

8 Dec

Today we will continue reading Of Mice and Men (9th) and excerpts from 1984 (12th).

If you need to make up your reading assignment 1, get that work in today. You will also have an opportunity to give a 30 second news report if you did not do so already.

Reading Assignment 2: Due Friday

Author’s Central Idea and Literary Device 
Using FDR’s Pearl Harbor speech, write 2-3 paragraphs in which you:
-Identify one central idea in the speech
-Discuss one literary device (skill) used to develop this central idea.
Be Sure to:
-Discuss only one central idea and only one literary device
-Explain how the literary device helps develop the central idea
-Give specific evidence (quotes) from the text to support your answer.
The 30 Second News Report:
Find an article, online or print, and give the class a 30 second summary. Your article can be about anything you want. Pick something that interests you (politics, fashion, technology, music, art…). You do not need to print or hand anything in. However, I recommend you write down your notes in your notebook. You will give your news report on Friday, in class.
Be sure to include:
-The title of the article and the publication
-A brief summary and explanation of the article


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