New Books! Reading Assignment #1

1 Dec



Today we will go over our Misplaced Modifiers worksheet Misplaced Modifiers worksheet, start new books, and go over the reading assignment

9th Grade- Of Mice and Men

12th Grade- 1984

Reading Assignment #1 – 10pts. Due Friday

  1. Misplaced Modifiers Worksheet
  2. 30 Second News Report
  3. Notes on Reading

Misplaced Modifiers Worksheet:
Make sure your worksheet is completed completely.

The 30 Second News Report:
Find an article, online or print, and give the class a 30 second summary. Your article can be about anything you want. Pick something that interests you (politics, fashion, technology, music, art…). You do not need to print or hand anything in. However, I recommend you write down your notes in your notebook.

Be sure to include:

  • The title of the article and the publication
  • A brief summary and explanation of the article

Notes on Reading:
In your notebook, take notes on the reading in class. Pay attention to our discussion and any important things you notice during the reading. Focus on the Who (characters you encounter), What (plot, conflict), When  and Where (setting and its relevance to the story). Include two important quotes from the readings.

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