Avoid Using Words Like “Very”; Forced Revision Activity

14 Oct

Avoid Lazy Words Like “Very”

Today we will start class with a worksheet that will help you use better vocabulary in your writing. Here’s a great worksheet on not using lazy words like “very” “really” so” “extremely”

45 ways to avoid 'very'

Forced Revision Activity

Next we will do a revision activity, in which your peers will read your paper and offer you comments and corrections.

Forced Revision Activity

Don’t Forget! Reading Assignment is Due Tomorrow!

Choose 2 characters from your book and write about how the author characterizes him/her. Explain what kind of person  the character is, based on the author’s descriptions, and/or the character’s words and action. For each character you must provide evidence from the text.

1 page in your notebook. Due Thursday October 15th.

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