Reflective Narrator; Revise Essay; Reading

13 Oct

Skill: Reflective Narrator

-A reflective narrator does not merely recount the events of a story, they look back and analyze them.  He/she may explain the significance, question actions and event, think about what he/she would do if it happened again, discuss lessons learned, or detail what was going through his/her mind during the event. Here’s a nice article on reflective narrators.


Today we will have time in class to revise your personal/college essays, as well as work on the reading assignment.

Make sure your essay has the following:

  • effective lead
  • uses stronger verbs
  • epigraph
  • reflective narrator

Reading Assignment

Choose 2 characters from your book and write about how the author characterizes him/her. Explain what kind of person  the character is, based on the author’s descriptions, and/or the character’s words and action. For each character you must provide evidence from the text.

1 page in your notebook. Due Thursday October 15th.

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