Writing Piece Due; Characterization; Imagine

8 Oct

Writing Piece #3 is Due Today!


Listen to and analyze the lyrics to John Lennon’s “Imagine”

Quick Write: What is the song about? What is the message? Do you agree with it?

Skill: Characterization:

Characterization is how an author shows a character’s personality. This is done by the character’s actions and the things the character says, as well as the author’s description of those characters.


Descriptions of that character (He is a kind and caring person)

The character’s actions (Tommy stole money from his mother, who is in extreme debt)

The character’s words (“I’d never leave you alone, even if it meant I’d be in trouble”)

Description is an example of Direct Characterization.  The narrator is Telling the reader what the character is like.

The character’s Actions and Words are examples of Indirect Characterization.  The narrator is Showing the reader what the character is like.

Reading Assignment:

Choose 2 characters from your book and write about how the author characterizes him/her. Explain what kind of person  the character is, based on the author’s descriptions, and/or the character’s words and action. For each character you must provide evidence from the text.

1 page in your notebook. Due Thursday October 15th.

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