Library/Computer Lab Assignment

1 Oct

Today we will be in the Library (period one will be in the computer lab)

During class complete the following assignment, type, print, and hand in by the end of class.

1. New Vocabulary Words: Define with part of speech

12th Grade: Brawn, Tout

9th Grade: Reprove, Cursory

2. Write a brief story (at least 50 words) using these words. Use the skill Sensory Imagery at some point.

3. Write a brief explanation (at least 50 words) of something you did this past week, without telling me what it is you did.  Use Showing Not Telling!

4.  Tell me about your Independent Reading Book

Title, Author, number of pages, why you chose this particular book

***If you finish early you may read your book.

Seniors Bring in College Essay Topics Tomorrow!

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