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Look Up; Reading Assignment; Revisions

28 Oct

Today we watched the video below, “Look Up.” In your notebook, take note of your observations and interpretations.

Look Up from Mr. Kirsch on Vimeo.

Tomorrow we will be in the computer lab to work on our reading assignment and any revisions.

More Practice with Observation and Interpretation; Reading Assignment 2

27 Oct

Today we will spend more time making observations and using them to make interpretations. We will look at the following pictures Removed: Pictures with Cell Phones Photoshopped Out.

Reading Assignment Due Monday

Part 1:

Create a “T Chart” with one side listing Observations and the other listing Interpretations.

Fill in 10 Observations from your book (include page number) and 10 Interpretations based on those Observations.

Part 2:

Based on your observations and interpretations, what do you think was the author’s purpose for writing the book? Write a page reaction in your notebook and be sure to refer to specific events (your observations) and the significance of those events (your interpretations) to support your answer.

Complete this assignment in your notebook. It is due Monday.

Author’s Purpose; Due Dates for End of Quarter

26 Oct

“If you are going to do something, do it as well as you can do it.” -Chuck Surack

Important Dates!

If you would like to revise any of your work for a better grade (I’ll give you up to a 100!), it must be in by Friday October 30th.

Notebooks will be checked next Wednesday November 4th.

Check Your Grades!

Today in class, I’m posting my grade book for all to see. User your ID number to find your grade on each assignment, as well as your quarter average to date. Remember we still have a few grades left this quarter, so things can change.

Observations and Interpretations

We will watch the following short video

I Forgot My Phone from Miles Crawford on Vimeo.

In your notebook make a list of all the things you observe. Then make a list of your interpretations of those things. Finally, based on your observations and interpretations, write what you think the creator’s purpose was in making this video.


Turn in Your “Great Writers Steal” Piece; Helicopter Parents

23 Oct

Today, Writing Piece #4 is due!

We will read and discuss the following article:

Former Stanford dean explains why helicopter parenting is ruining a generation of children

Working on 4th Writing Piece

20 Oct

Tuesday and Wednesday we will be working on the Great Artists steal 555 piece.

Thursday we will be in the library. Friday the piece is due.

New Writing Piece: Great Artist Steal

19 Oct

“Good artists copy, great artists steal.” -Picasso (supposedly)

Our next piece is the  Great Artists steal 555 piece.

It is designed to teach an understanding of sentence structure and construction.

Personal/College Essay is Due; Vocab from Book

16 Oct

Today our Personal/College Essay is Due. Fill out the rubric and label your skills, then turn it in!

We will read the article Does Vocabulary Matter and discuss the author’s claim and find evidence to support it.

You will have time to read your book in class. While you do, in your notebook, find and define five words you do not know. Give the page number the word is located.

Have a great weekend!