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Extended Metaphor Due Today – Non Fiction

11 Sep

Today our extended metaphor piece is due, make sure you have it with you in class, typed.  I will show you how to label your skills and fill out the rubric.

From there we will read the following articles:

9th Grade: 10 Things I Wish I’d Known in High School by Mackenzie Cooper

12th Grade: 17 Things I Want Myself to Remember Senior Year

Have a great weekend!!!

Tuesday and Wednesday: Extended Metaphor Piece

9 Sep

This week we are focusing on our first writing piece, the extended metaphor piece.  Your task will be to write a piece that makes a comparison between two things throughout the piece. You may write a poem of at least 12 lines or write a prose (not poetry) piece of at least 250 words. We will be in the computer lab A206 on Thursday to type, and the final copy is due in class Friday.

Tuesday and Wednesday in Class:

You received helpful information about the writer’s notebook.  We also read “My Sorrow” from the packet (read it here:my sorrow).

Quick Writes: write about  1. What you want 2. What you feel 3. What you pretend about 4. What you worry about.

We then had time in class to begin writing our extended metaphor piece.

Skill: Sensory Imagery

Sensory Imagery: descriptive language that uses any of the five sense (sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch).

Our five senses are how we experience the world.  Without them, how would we know what is going on around us?  How would we even know anything is going on around us at all?

Describe the input your five senses are receiving to help your reader understand what it was like to experience what you are writing about.




Extended Metaphor, Quick Writes

4 Sep

Quick Writes

Compare yourself to the following:

  • an animal
  • an object you’d find in the kitchen
  • a month
  • a natural weather occurrence
  • a food

Choose any of the things from above and write down as many characteristics about it as you can think of.

New Skill: Extended Metaphor

Extended Metaphor- a comparison that lasts more than one line of a piece of writing.

George Gray is “A boat with a furled sail at rest in a harbor” (Spoon River Anthology).
“My Sorrow” by Isabella Leitner: Her memories of the Holocaust are compared to an annoying travel companion that won’t leave her alone.

Read “George Gray” and “My Sorrow”extended metaphor george gray my sorrow

-What is George Gray compared to? What is the author saying about George Gray as a person?

Baseline Tests

3 Sep

Today will be spent taking baseline exams.  Every student must complete one.  Good luck!

Letter to Your Future Self

2 Sep

Today we started with the following Quick Writes:

-What are 2 of your best qualities as a person?
-Pick 1 quality and give an example from your life.
-What is one thing about yourself you would like to improve?

Next, we worked on our second assignment, in class, the Letter to future self.

Welcome Back 2015-2016

1 Sep

Welcome back to school!

Today we went over the 1st Quarter Rubric, got our Super Passes, and did our first assignment Student Fact Sheet.

I hope you had a great first day!