Than vs. Then: Work on Memoirs

22 Sep

Then vs. Than

It’s pretty easy to remember the difference between “Then” and “Than.”  Just remember that “Than” is for comparisons; otherwise use “Then.”  It’s a simple mistake, but one that can cause people to judge your intelligence!

Work on Memoirs

Today you will have a majority of the time in class to work on your memoirs.  If you are stuck, here are some ideas to explore:

  • Making a new friend
  • A fight
  • Strange coincidence
  • First time
  • Last time
  • Fish out of water story
  • A new place
  • Leaving
  • Loss
  • Victory
  • “I wish I could remember/forget”
  • Vacation
  • 1st day of school
  • Accident/Mistake
  • “My stomach dropped”
  • Beginning
  • Ending
  • “I don’t know where I’d be if not for…”

On Thursday we will be in A206 to work on our memoir. Your typed, finished copy is due Friday!

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