Organizing Ideas into Paragraphs; Six Word Memoirs

16 Sep

Quick Write: write about a favorite (or least favorite) memory.

SkillOrganizing Ideas in Paragraphs

-helps reader comprehend your writing, a courtesy, like holding the door open for someone.

1 idea per paragraph

Paragraphs cause readers to pause and absorb what they just read.  Paragraphs can be used to control readers pace or to get the reader to focus on a single sentence or word.

Usually there is a TOPIC SENTENCE, which tells you what the paragraph is about, and a CONCLUDING SENTENCE that wraps up the ideas of the paragraph.

When writing dialogue, a new paragraph should be created each time the speaker changes.

Six Word Memoir

Listen to this radio show from NPR.

Then write a six word memoir for yourself and one for a famous person.

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