Final Portfolio Work

5 Jun

Today we will be in the library to work on final portfolios.  Remember they are due Thursday June 11th.  No extensions and late portfolios are only worth up to half credit.

We will be in the classroom Monday; we are in the library Tuesday; and we are in the computer lab a206 on Wednesday. Thursday, Friday, and the following Monday we are in the classroom.  We are working strictly on portfolios, so make the most of your time!

Here are some of the important handouts:

12th Grade: Final Portfolio Seniors

9 and 10th Grade: Final Portfolio Underclassmen

All: 10 STEPS for Completing Final Portfolio ’15

All: Portfolio how to

Reflective Piece: 

12: Reflective Piece 12

9: Reflective Piece 9

10: Reflective Piece 10

We are near the end! Stay strong!

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