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Start Collecting Pieces for Final Portfolio

29 May

Today we will meet in class, to get our writing folders, then we will head down to the library.  The goal of the day is to go through all of our writing pieces for the year and select 5 of your favorite pieces.  These pieces will be used in the final portfolio.

In-Class Finals

27 May

Today and tomorrow we will be taking our in-class portion of the final exam.  Good luck!

Brief Review for Final Essays

26 May

Today we spent some time preparing for the final exams, which begin tomorrow.

9th and 10th graders, study literary devices and vocabulary.

12th Graders, study literature!

Get Any Late Work in Today! Vocab!

22 May

9th Grade Vocab: 

Deter, complacent, contempt, eloquent, virtue, guile, biased, censor, monotonous, trivial

10th Grade Vocab:

cryptic, hinder, esoteric, pretentious, incongruous, unprecedented, merger, pedestrian, prudent, exemplary

Define and write a story using any 7 words!

All Late Work and Revisions Must Be Turned in Today!

Letter to 9th Grade is Due; Quarter Reflections

21 May

Today, make sure you turn in your letter to an incoming 9th grader piece.

In class complete the 4th quarter reflection: 4th Quarter Self Assessment

*******Make sure any missed work or revisions are in by tomorrow.  Seniors, rumor has it some of you may be out tomorrow, make sure you get your work in!  Senior cut day is not a valid excuse!!!

Work on Letter to Incoming Freshman/Missing Work

20 May

Today we will meet in the computer lab to work on the letter to an incoming freshman (which is due tomorrow!).  Also, if you are missing work or want to revise a writing piece, those will be due Friday.  Take advantage of the time today!

Guidelines for Letter to 9th Grader

12th Grade: Letter to a 9th Grader

9th Grade: Letter to a 9th Grader Underclassmen

10th Grade: Letter to a 9th Grader Underclassmen

Practice Using Specific Examples; Work on Letter to a 9th Grader

19 May

Complete the following worksheet on using specific examples Write Using Specific Details

Then start outlining, jotting down ideas, and creating a rough draft of your letter to an incoming 9th grader.

Tomorrow we will be in room a206 (period 1 will be in the library).

Using Specific Examples – Notebook Check

18 May

Today we will pay attention to the skill: using specific examples.

Use Specific Examples:  Go beyond simply describing and discuss actual things that happened. Don’t just say that Henry is mean, tell us things that happened.  EX:  Henry pushed his brother down the stairs and stole his candy.  He then ripped up his brother’s comic books and yelled at the dog.

Notebook work:  As an exercise give specific examples from your high school experience for these statements:

  • High school is horrible
  • High school is fun
  • High school is different than middle school
  • High school is stressful
  • There are many fun activities to participate in

Notebook Check

Today I will check your notebook for notes on our short stories, and for seniors, I will also check your quick writes about high school.

Stress! New Writing Piece

15 May

Today we will read a couple of articles on stress in high school. The Mad Dash and Teens More Stressed Than Adults .

You will then receive your next writing piece, the letter to an incoming freshman!

Finish Working on Short Stories

14 May

All Classes: Make sure you have the notes on the story.  They will be checked for a notebook grade tomorrow, as well as the following:

12th Grade: Quick Writes… brainstorm the following:

  • Best moments of high school
  • Worst moments of high school
  • How have you changed
  • How have others changed
  • What do you know now that you wish you knew when you began
  • What would you change about your high school career
  • What would you keep the same

9th Grade:  In your notebook, answer the questions at the end of the story.

10th Grade: Read Vonnegut’s “Long Walk to Forever” and take notes on the Who, What, When, Why of the story.