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Short Stories!

20 Apr

9th Grade:

Quick Write: Is honesty always the best policy? Are there times when being honest is not a good idea?

We will begin reading “The Necklace” in class.

10th Grade:

Quick Write: Think back to an important event, realization, life changing moment in your life.  Can you trace it back to something small?  For example: I met my fiancee through my friend who was dating her friend.  I met my friend because we both play music.  Therefore, if I never started playing guitar in 9th grade, I may not have ever met my future wife!

We will begin reading “A Sound of Thunder” in class.

12th Grade:

I hope the senior trip was great!

Today we will watch a film version of Harrison Bergeron.

Monday- Thursday: Quarterly and Short Stories

16 Apr

Monday we prepared for the quarterly, which was given on Tuesday.

Wednesday Short Stories:

While reading the your short story, take notes and be sure to cover the following aspects of the story

  • who- characters
  • what- plot
  • when and where- setting
  • why- author’s purpose and the theme

12th Grade Read “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut (p. 7 in Welcome to the Monkey House) – answer Harrison Bergeron Questions

9th Grade Read “The Lady or the Tiger” in our literature books.  Answer the questions in the back.

10th Grade Read “The Monkey’s Paw” in our literature books.  Answer the questions in the back.


Thursday we are discussing the short stories and going over the answers the questions.  You will also get your research paper back!

Have a Great Spring Break!

1 Apr

Enjoy the time off!!

Please remember if you are revising any pieces, I need them by Monday 4/13.