Review Piece; Skill; 4th Quarter Rubric

30 Apr

Today you will get the 4th Quarter Rubric. It is very simple: 50% writing pieces, 50% notebook grade.  The 4th quarter is short; everything we do in class will count significantly!

Skill: Action-Adjectives :

A descriptive phrase that contains an action, in the format of  Noun-Past Tense Verb. Helps create concise and action-packed descriptions. 

Examples:  Sun-kissed hair,  action-packed description, chocolate-covered donut, orange-flavored gum, garbage-filled gymnasium, sauce-drenched chicken, freckle-faced boy….

Review Piece

Today you will have time to work on your Review Piece.  Here is the handout from class: Review Piece Overview.  Start outlining, taking notes, and writing a rough draft in class (this will be part of this week’s notebook grade).  Tomorrow we will meet in A206, where you can start typing.  The piece is due Monday.

Notebook Check Tomorrow

Tomorrow you will earn a notebook grade, based on your work this week.  Here’s what I am checking for:

  • 1 page review on food
  • 1 page review on tv show (Twilight Zone episode-watch here for free on Hulu)
  • notes, outlining, rough draft for your Review Piece
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