Food Reviews!

28 Apr

Today we will begin talking about what will become our next piece, The Review.

We will warm up by writing reviews about food.  I have brought in a variety of tasty snacks!  You will sample them and write about them in your notebooks. Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • Approximately 1 page (100-150 words) in your notebook
  • Eating is a multi-sensory experience.  Discuss taste, smell, texture, temperature, appearance.
  • Consider any history you have with the food (any fond or negative memories while eating these foods in the past?) Maybe you had the food at a fun party or it made you sick one time.  Our history with the food affects our enjoyment of it.
  • Dining experience- what time of the day is it? Is it an appropriate time for that particular food? Who are you eating with? Does eating in a classroom differ from eating at the dinner table or a restaurant?
  • How hungry are you?
  • Anything else you can think of that affects your enjoyment of the food.

This will count as a grade for your notebook!

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