Picture Piece; Starting with -ing Words; Short Stories

21 Apr

New Skill

Skill- Starting Sentences with “-ing” words.  By “-ing” words, I mean action verbs.  This is a great way to create action in your writing, as well as vary your sentence structure.

“Struggling to catch his breath, Lennie checked to see if the police officer was still chasing him”
-Notice how this sentence has lots of action: heavy breathing, looking for a pursuing police officer.
-It also combines multiple ideas that might ordinarily be in multiple sentences. (EX:  A police office was chasing Lennie.  Lennie struggled to catch his breath.  Lennie looked to see is he was still being chased.)

Picture Piece Due Monday April 27th

We will discuss and brainstorm our first writing piece of the 4th quarter, the Picture piece.

12th Grade

Quick Writes:
-Write in detail about the best moment of the senior trip (or of your weekend).
-Write about a smaller, yet significant moment that you don’t want to forget.  (a conversation with someone, something funny that happened).

Rewrite two sentences from your quick write using the skill Starting with -ing words.

9th Grade

Quick Write:
-Answer Who, What, When and Where, and Why for “The Necklace”

We will finish reading “The Necklace” together.

10th Grade

Quick Write:
-Answer Who, What, When and Where, and Why for “A Sound of Thunder”

We will finish reading “A Sound of Thunder” together.

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