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Review Piece; Skill; 4th Quarter Rubric

30 Apr

Today you will get the 4th Quarter Rubric. It is very simple: 50% writing pieces, 50% notebook grade.  The 4th quarter is short; everything we do in class will count significantly!

Skill: Action-Adjectives :

A descriptive phrase that contains an action, in the format of  Noun-Past Tense Verb. Helps create concise and action-packed descriptions. 

Examples:  Sun-kissed hair,  action-packed description, chocolate-covered donut, orange-flavored gum, garbage-filled gymnasium, sauce-drenched chicken, freckle-faced boy….

Review Piece

Today you will have time to work on your Review Piece.  Here is the handout from class: Review Piece Overview.  Start outlining, taking notes, and writing a rough draft in class (this will be part of this week’s notebook grade).  Tomorrow we will meet in A206, where you can start typing.  The piece is due Monday.

Notebook Check Tomorrow

Tomorrow you will earn a notebook grade, based on your work this week.  Here’s what I am checking for:

  • 1 page review on food
  • 1 page review on tv show (Twilight Zone episode-watch here for free on Hulu)
  • notes, outlining, rough draft for your Review Piece

TV Show Review; Think About Topics for Your Review Piece

29 Apr

TV Show Review

Today you will watch an episode of the Twilight Zone (watch here for free on Hulu) and write a 1 page (100-150 word) review in your notebook.  This will be part of this week’s notebook grade.


Be Sure to:

  • Give the title of the show
  • Character names and descriptions
  • Overview of the plot

Things to Evaluate:

  • Story
  • Acting
  • Cinematography
  • Music

Who is the show’s intended audience?

What do you like/dislike about the show?

Rate it out of 5 stars and explain.

***As you are watching and writing, I will be calling you up one by one to discuss your Picture Piece grades.

Get Ready to Write Your Review Piece

Tomorrow there will be time to begin writing your review piece, and Friday we will be in the computer lab. Think about what you want to write a review on. Some ideas include but are not limited to:

  • Products (electronics, video games, clothing, etc.)
  • TV Shows/Movies
  • Music Albums
  • Art of any kind
  • Food
  • Books

Do yourself a favor and choose to write about something that interests you!

Food Reviews!

28 Apr

Today we will begin talking about what will become our next piece, The Review.

We will warm up by writing reviews about food.  I have brought in a variety of tasty snacks!  You will sample them and write about them in your notebooks. Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • Approximately 1 page (100-150 words) in your notebook
  • Eating is a multi-sensory experience.  Discuss taste, smell, texture, temperature, appearance.
  • Consider any history you have with the food (any fond or negative memories while eating these foods in the past?) Maybe you had the food at a fun party or it made you sick one time.  Our history with the food affects our enjoyment of it.
  • Dining experience- what time of the day is it? Is it an appropriate time for that particular food? Who are you eating with? Does eating in a classroom differ from eating at the dinner table or a restaurant?
  • How hungry are you?
  • Anything else you can think of that affects your enjoyment of the food.

This will count as a grade for your notebook!

Monday Vocabulary; Picture Pieces are due.

28 Apr

Picture Pieces are Due today!! Label your skills used and turn them in!

On Monday we worked on vocabulary.  Define the words and write a sentence for each in your notebook.


12th Grade Unit 7 Vocabulary


9th Grade Unit 7 Vocabulary

10th Grade Unit 7 Vocabulary

10th Grade Unit 7 Vocabulary

Effective Lead Practice; Non Fiction Reading; Picture Pieces Due Monday

24 Apr

On Thursday we spent time working on Effective Leads.  Be sure to complete this worksheet Effective Lead Practice for a grade.

On Friday we read the article “Losing is Good for You” and answered the following questions in our notebooks for a grade:

  1. What is the main idea of the article?
  2. How is the author using irony?
  3. Do you agree with the author’s argument? Why or Why not?

We then continued working on our Picture piece, which is due, in class and typed, Monday.

Work on Picture Piece in A206

22 Apr

Today we will meet in A206 to work on our Picture piece.

If you are having trouble finding a picture, reverse the thought process.  Try thinking about what you want to write about and then find a picture that fits with that idea.

Picture Piece; Starting with -ing Words; Short Stories

21 Apr

New Skill

Skill- Starting Sentences with “-ing” words.  By “-ing” words, I mean action verbs.  This is a great way to create action in your writing, as well as vary your sentence structure.

“Struggling to catch his breath, Lennie checked to see if the police officer was still chasing him”
-Notice how this sentence has lots of action: heavy breathing, looking for a pursuing police officer.
-It also combines multiple ideas that might ordinarily be in multiple sentences. (EX:  A police office was chasing Lennie.  Lennie struggled to catch his breath.  Lennie looked to see is he was still being chased.)

Picture Piece Due Monday April 27th

We will discuss and brainstorm our first writing piece of the 4th quarter, the Picture piece.

12th Grade

Quick Writes:
-Write in detail about the best moment of the senior trip (or of your weekend).
-Write about a smaller, yet significant moment that you don’t want to forget.  (a conversation with someone, something funny that happened).

Rewrite two sentences from your quick write using the skill Starting with -ing words.

9th Grade

Quick Write:
-Answer Who, What, When and Where, and Why for “The Necklace”

We will finish reading “The Necklace” together.

10th Grade

Quick Write:
-Answer Who, What, When and Where, and Why for “A Sound of Thunder”

We will finish reading “A Sound of Thunder” together.

Short Stories!

20 Apr

9th Grade:

Quick Write: Is honesty always the best policy? Are there times when being honest is not a good idea?

We will begin reading “The Necklace” in class.

10th Grade:

Quick Write: Think back to an important event, realization, life changing moment in your life.  Can you trace it back to something small?  For example: I met my fiancee through my friend who was dating her friend.  I met my friend because we both play music.  Therefore, if I never started playing guitar in 9th grade, I may not have ever met my future wife!

We will begin reading “A Sound of Thunder” in class.

12th Grade:

I hope the senior trip was great!

Today we will watch a film version of Harrison Bergeron.

Monday- Thursday: Quarterly and Short Stories

16 Apr

Monday we prepared for the quarterly, which was given on Tuesday.

Wednesday Short Stories:

While reading the your short story, take notes and be sure to cover the following aspects of the story

  • who- characters
  • what- plot
  • when and where- setting
  • why- author’s purpose and the theme

12th Grade Read “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut (p. 7 in Welcome to the Monkey House) – answer Harrison Bergeron Questions

9th Grade Read “The Lady or the Tiger” in our literature books.  Answer the questions in the back.

10th Grade Read “The Monkey’s Paw” in our literature books.  Answer the questions in the back.


Thursday we are discussing the short stories and going over the answers the questions.  You will also get your research paper back!

Have a Great Spring Break!

1 Apr

Enjoy the time off!!

Please remember if you are revising any pieces, I need them by Monday 4/13.