Outlines Due; Writing Body Paragraphs; Work on Rough Drafts

23 Mar

Today, outlines for the research paper are due.

Writing Body Paragraphs

Skill- Topic Sentence: The first sentence in a body paragraph.  It states what the paragraph will be about and is the point you will be proving in the paragraph.  This sentence should be a direct reason why your thesis is true.

More information: Indiana University

Following the format in your packet will help ensure that you have a quality body paragraph that is thoroughly proved.

  • Topic Sentence
  • Analysis
  • Primary Source (line from poem)
  • Analysis
  • Secondary Source (information from research articles)
  • Analysis
  • Transition

Working on Rough Drafts

Your typed rough draft is due, in class, on Wednesday.  On Wednesday we will discuss the finer grading points and do some peer editing to help get the highest grade possible.  Today you will have time to start your rough drafts, and tomorrow we will be in the computer lab to start typing them.

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