Conclusion Paragraphs; Work on Song Piece/Research Paper

18 Mar

Today we will briefly discuss conclusion paragraphs.  You have notes in your research paper packet. Essentially a conclusion paragraph does the following:

  • Firmly restate your thesis statement.  Don’t repeat it word for word, but remind your reader what the point you just proved in your paper was.
  • Quickly recap major points that prove thesis.  No major details, just a quick list of your points.
  • Relate the topic of your paper to the “big picture.” How is this important in life, to people, to the world?
  • Does not give any new evidence.  Your conclusion is not a place for more quotes, new points or extra information. If you have any of these, put them in a new body paragraph.

Tomorrow we will be in computer lab a206.  I will be checking your notebook for the week.  I am just looking for evidence that you used the last three days of class productively.  (Notes on songs/poems, outlines, rough drafts, etc.)

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