Notebook Check; Find Articles on Your Poem

8 Mar

Getting Articles on Your Poem

On Monday, we will be meeting in A206 to find articles (secondary sources) about your poem (primary source) for your research paper.  Make sure your get 3-5 articles about your poem.  Email yourself a copy and print one out.

Here are some very useful sites, link from the Virtual Reference Collection of our very own Sachem East Library.

Bloom’s Literature

Literature Resource Center

ProQuest: Learning Literature

You will need a username and a password to login; I will write those on the board in class.  Copy it into your notebook, in case you need to login from home.

* You must have your articles with you, printed out, in class, on Thursday 3/12.  You will receive a grade for having them.

Notebook Check

As you are looking for articles, I will come around the room and check your notebooks for the last two weeks.  Make sure you have any work we’ve done. I’ll be looking for:

  • Work on Tone 2/23
  • Shakespearean Sonnet Notes 2/24
  • 10 Quick Write Questions 2/25
  • Rough drafts of Sonnets 2/26-27
  • Vocabulary (words and piece revisions) 3/3
  • Analyzing Poems Notes 3/4
  • A poem for your research

On Tuesday (tomorrow) I’ll check to see that you have a page worth of notes on your poem in your notebook (use the notes from 3/4 and your packet to get ideas).


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