Presentations Start Tomorrow; Watching Films

11 Feb

Tomorrow we will begin our group presentations! We will start in order with Group 1, move through groups 2-6, and finish with group 7.  Be prepared to go tomorrow! If a group cannot go, the next group will be expected to go.

Remember our requirements:

Group 1: 2 slides per section (2 for Shakespeare’s biography, 2 for the Elizabethan Period, 2 for The Globe Theatre)… Include pictures to help the class visualize the time period.

Groups 2-6: 1 slide per scene and 1 slide per speech.  Be sure to include one quote per scene.

Group 7: 1 slide for each theme, 1 slide for each thought question, 1 slide for each symbol/motif.

During class we will be watching the film of the play.

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