Film vs Novel; Reading Reactions Due Friday

14 Jan

Today we will be viewing the film versions of our novels.  Please take note of any significant plot discrepancies you notice, and consider why movie directors/ producers would choose to change the story as they have.

Reading Reaction 2 is Due Friday

For reading reaction 2, you are asked to discuss any social commentary in our class novel (1984, To Kill a Mockingbird, or Of Mice and Men).  It should at least a page, double spaced with 12 point font.  Here’s a nice way to organize your response.

Body Paragraph 1:  Discuss any message or lesson the reader can take away from the story that relates to social commentary.  How does the author get across a message about the world we live in.  Give examples from the story.

Body Paragraph 2: Write about how that message relates to the world we live in.  Is it accurate?  What are some examples of events that support/refute the novel’s messages?

PS Notebooks Are Due Tuesday!


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