Skill Antithesis; Discuss Reading; Work on Social Commentaries

12 Jan

Social Commentaries Are Due Tomorrow!

Make sure they are at least 250 words, contain 3 skills, and are typed and printed out.  Here are a couple of examples from years past Social Commentary Examples

Basic Reading Test Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, after you turn in your social commentaries, there will be a basic test on our class books.  If you have read and paid attention in class you will do fine.  Study characters, important events, and themes.

Skill: Antithesis

Antithesis: a statement that contains a contrast of two ideas.  Often delivered in the format of “It is not this, it is that.”   Here are some examples.

“We recall that what binds this nation together is not the colors of our skin… [but] our allegiance to an idea…”

“Tonight you voted for action, not politics as usual. You elected us to focus on your jobs, not ours.”

“Together we stand, divided we fall.”

“Lennie doesn’t kill the puppy because he hates him, he does it because he loves him too much.”

10th and 12th Grade: we will go over the reading questions for the end of our book.

9th Grade:

We will break into groups to discuss Ethical Dilemmas.

Ethical- (Adj)  having to do with morals, right vs. wrong

Dilemma- (N) a choice between two unpleasant decisions

-Your teacher announces that Jenny’s iPhone is missing and we should all keep an eye out for it, or if you know anything to tell him. You remember overhearing the two older kids in the back of the room, that were recently suspended for severely bullying a friend of yours saying something about “she has no idea I took it” and “making mad dough on eBay.”   What do you do? What if Jenny is your best friend?

-Your best friend asks you to tell his/her beautiful, hip, and cool crush of two years that he/she likes him/her.   You start talking to him/her and he/she admits he/she has had a crush on you like forever. What do you do?

-Last week you catch your coworker at the pizza place stealing money from the cash register. You don’t say anything until you see her doing it again today. You confront her and she begs you not to say anything, she needs the money to help her family pay for a live saving operation on her little brother. What do you do?

Next week you find out an older coworker (a single parent) got blamed for the stealing and was fired. What do you do?

-Did George from Of Mice and Men do the right thing? Why or Why Not?

-Do you blame Curley’s wife?

-Who is at fault?

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