Found Poetry

18 Dec

Today we will be creating found poems using our class novels.

Found Poetry– creating poetry from collecting and manipulating words that have been collected from somewhere. It’s sort of like random notes written by a kidnapper that is made up of letters and words cut out of newspapers and magazines, except you are taking full words, phrases or sentences.

You will be writing your own poem of seven lines, using words, phrases and/or sentences from our books (Of Mice and Men, To Kill a Mockingbird, or 1984).  Make an attempt to create meaning from what you find, but understand that much of the meaning can be left up to interpretation.

You will make another poem in collaboration with the other people seated in your row.  Write a line, pass it to the person behind you, and repeat until everyone in your row has written two lines.

10th and 12th Grade:  Don’t forget!  Reading is due tomorrow!  Along with the questions!  Download questions below.

To Kill A Mockingbird Ch 11-19

1984 Section Two

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